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The Highest Collection


Its name defines the greatness of this perfume. With a heart of roses, geranium and peach, a base of musk and amber, and with top notes of davana and bergamot, all magnificently dressed with the natural essence of tuberose, the result achieves one of the most exquisite and elegant perfumes. based on the serene and spiritual energy of the powerful tuberose flower.



... and it comes after an agreement between EVORICH and renowned perfumer Ramon Behar to create a line of high-end perfumes exclusively for members of a community called EVOSCENT, the "luxury world of fashion and fragrance."

Currently, the perfume world is oversaturated with banality, and EvoScent wants to become a paradigm for "new perfumes," which, in addition to making big profits, also takes into account those more subtle and spiritual aspects that were forgotten by traditional perfumes.