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The Highest Collection

Fifth Element

This fragrance, beyond any parameter, is a unique creation inspired by the magic and invisibility of the ether. From its core of white amber and cedar wood, flows a magma of black pepper, incense and clouds of smoke that reveals itself through a powerful metallic notes combined with the subtlety of the fruits of the garden of the Hesperides. A perfume that brings us closer to the limits of the known.



... and it comes after an agreement between EVORICH and renowned perfumer Ramon Behar to create a line of high-end perfumes exclusively for members of a community called EVOSCENT, the "luxury world of fashion and fragrance."

Currently, the perfume world is oversaturated with banality, and EvoScent wants to become a paradigm for "new perfumes," which, in addition to making big profits, also takes into account those more subtle and spiritual aspects that were forgotten by traditional perfumes.