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Ramon Bejar

Mr. Ramón Bejar has been dedicated to the perfumery sector for more than 40 years, in all its facets.

Creation and design of perfumes. So much so, that he was the founder of one of the big companies in the compositions sector in Europe.

  • Creator and designer of packaging/bottles, he has more than 100 models to his credit (including caps and bottles).
  • Innovator in packaging; European prize in Helsinki 2001 for packaging in competition with very large multinationals.
  • Dreamer of new concepts and trends, bringing new ideas in the perfume sector, non-existent until then.
  • Enhancer of its perfumes with energetic and vibrational concepts, combining the beauty and strength of gems along with precious metals.
  • Discoverer of the use of acoustic frequencies (hertzios) with perfumes, changing the molecular structure of them, and creating singular lines that do not have other perfumes of the world. He has also researched the use of high-tech exotic materials. (To comment privately with partners).
  • All this has made Ramon Béjar in the 40 years, a pioneer and leader in the perfume creativity market, especially in the areas of the Persian Gulf, Russia and Europe.
  • Ramon Béjar has participated in world fairs of the perfumery sector, with great success (Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow, Las Vegas, Bologna, Florence, Cannes, etc.)
  • He has had exceptional clients and important artists.
  • He has also designed perfumes for the fashion sector.
  • Ramon Béjar sold one of the most expensive perfumes in history in Singapore, at a “private party” with Lamborghini. The Royal Dream perfume from the Circle Quartz brand was acquired by one of the first female Forbes fortunes in the world for the price of $190,000.
  • He has created perfumes for designers who dress Hollywood characters in the US
  • He sold one of the top 5 brands in the world, which became number 1 in sales worldwide.
  • He has designed around 100 models of high perfumery bottles.
  • He has created more than 500 perfumes throughout his creative history.
  • Design award for the best packaging for perfumery and cosmetics in Europe.
  • Finalist in the categories of best male and female perfume in the NICHE perfumery awards with the Alchemy de Cuarzo de Circle and Celestial Rose perfumes from the Ramón Béjar collection.
  • Its Ramón Béjar and Cuarzo de Circle products have been sold in the most important stores in the world: Harrods (London), Milan, Gum (Moscow Red Square), Kyoto, Dubai Mall, New York-Houston.
  • He has developed fragrances for 5-star hotels.
  • Founding partner of a perfumery essence company that is now one of the top leaders worldwide.
  • He has designed three lines of franchises for clients, one of them worldwide.
  • As a perfumer, he was one of the first in Europe to seriously and deeply study oriental perfumery.
  • It has developed the first lines of aromatherapy in Spain (at the end of the ’80s) as well as the creation of the first lines of organic perfumery. Mediterranean collection, 5th essence….
  • In the late 1980s, it supplied perfumes and cosmetics to large companies in the MLM sector.
  • He has developed the first line of psycho-aromas in the world, to induce specific states of consciousness. (late ’90s)
  • First to present in business schools in Spain the concept of “olfactory marketing” for companies associated with their corporate image.
  • Creative and innovative on new concepts of high perfumery using state-of-the-art frontier technologies.
  • Creator of several successful brands, one of them called Ramón Molvízar, which is still found in the best perfumeries in the world in the NICHE sector, as well as Ramón Béjar and Cuarzo de Circles and others at a more affordable level such as Etnos, Béjar Sigant.
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