The Highest Collection


From a millenary fragrance with contemporary shades, the paradigm of a new olfactory experience is born. Ambergris, labdanum absolute and benzoin resin becomes the core of this perfume, which wrapped in styrax and violet with an atmosphere of ambretta and elemi seed oils, leads us on a pilgrimage to our origin and destination.


“Haute parfumerie” reinvents itself …

… and it does so after the agreement between EVORICH and the renowned perfumer Ramón Béjar, with the aim of creating a line of high-end perfumes exclusively for members of the community, with the name of EvoScent, “the luxury world of fashion and fragrances” .

Currently the world of perfumery is oversaturated with banality and EvoScent wants to become the paradigm of “the new perfumery” that, in addition to generating great profitability, also takes into account those more subtle and spiritual aspects that have been forgotten by conventional perfumery.