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The Highest Collection

Wealthy Spirit

The spirit of wealth can only be accompanied by the most luxurious and valuable materials that nature offers us, only accessible to a very knowledgeable elite. The core of vetiver and musk, surrounded by white jasmine, ylang ylang oil and violet with a flash of bergamot and iris absolute open the doors of true wealth. The depth and majesty of the dry note of the iris evokes opulence and prosperity.



... and it comes after an agreement between EVORICH and renowned perfumer Ramon Behar to create a line of high-end perfumes exclusively for members of a community called EVOSCENT, the "luxury world of fashion and fragrance."

Currently, the perfume world is oversaturated with banality, and EvoScent wants to become a paradigm for "new perfumes," which, in addition to making big profits, also takes into account those more subtle and spiritual aspects that were forgotten by traditional perfumes.